Sentez Merter Stores

Sentez Merter modern stores have 4-meter high ceiling and 3-meter high showcase windows, including the best air condition and lightning systems with high-speed internet infrastructure that will provide a privilege investment and trade opportunities.

At the heart of fashion!

Turkey’s pride in the world women’s apparel industry, reputable fashion brands meet at Sentez Merter. The well-known women ready-wear brands come together in Sentez Merter, It includes 6 floors, which comprises 237 wholesale store units. The stores are between 20 and 380 m2 in size.

C Stores

C type shop areas vary between 49,98 and 379,45 are square meters.
11B-2 / B-3 tipinde mağazalar

B-2 / B-3 Stores

B-2 B-2 type shop areas vary between 23,68 and 55,67 are square meters. B-3 B-2 type shop areas vary between 20,44 and 46,77 are square meters.
11B-1 tipi mağazalar

B-1 Stores

B-1 type shop areas vary between 22,57 and 82,55 are square meters.
11A-1 / A-2 tipi mağazalar

A-1 / A-2 Stores

A-1 A-1 type shop areas vary between 26,16 and 64,97 are square meters. A-2 A-2 type shop areas are 35,9 square meters.